Team Of The Year Announcement

Southern Barbecue Network’s Team of the Year Program


Southern Barbecue Network (SBN) is happy to announce the Team of the Year (TOY) Program. The intent of SBN’s TOY program is to recognize and reward teams that exhibit consistently high results in executing their craft of traditional Southern barbecue.


Southern Barbecue Network uses a 7-contest format to establish team standings. TOY points are awarded based on a team’s standing established by their cumulative scores in each meat category, as well as in the Reserve Grand Champion and Grand Champion contests. The event points awarded are based on the number of teams participating in that event (i.e. the more teams in the competition, the more points).


At the end of the calendar year, Southern Barbecue Network will present the team that has accumulated the most points for their last seven events. TOY winners will be recognized by having their team name engraved on a perpetual SBN “Team of the Year” trophy, and individual trophies will be awarded to the top three teams.


Complete rules and point structure for SBN’s Team of the Year are available at

Team standings are also posted after each event and available at

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